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Together with thousands of Asia Best Partner employees, we deep explore the eight regions in China. Serving all domestic and foreign customers, we are a bridge between shippers and consignees, striving to creating the best logistics value for all our lients.

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We are devoted to becoming an integrated logistics enterprise integrating the transportation, warehousing, delivery, loading and unloading and comprehensive logistics service. Based on logistics park and networked transportation, we can provide customers with a whole set of solutions. Adhering to efficient, convenient, complete and green logistics services, we will become a global integrated logistics enterprise in the field of logistics.

More than 20 kinds of cross-border options

Our FBA customs clearance team members are all graduated from famous universities in the US, with professional knowledge of customs clearance, rigorous work attitude and rich customs clearance agent experience, which can provide customs with the most professional, high quality and comprehensive customs clearance service throughout the process.

Cheap freight, safe and convenient

We have fixed place in US/EU first-leg trunk lines, such as CX, CK, KE, PO, GG, CA, L, and we are also important partners of ZM, Matson, EMC, etc. By virtue of such trunk lines, we can guarantee that the goods arrive at the nearest customs clearance airport or port as soon as possible. 

One-stop global warehousing solution

We can provide warehousing, quality inspection, exhibition, changing and refunding, label replacement, drop shipping services. We have DPD\UPS\DHL accounts and cooperate with local truck companies, to solve the last-mile problem, and ensure the timeliness and shipment safety.

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