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    China-EU railway transport

    China-Europe Railway Express refers that cargos are transported to Europe from China by container trucks, and it also includes FCL and LCL, namely logistics provider consolidates cargos from multiple customers in one container before departure. China-EU international freight train gradually becomes a major road transport means in international logistics, and adapts to the development needs of modern logistics, thanks to its comparative advantages in distance, speed and cost, as well as its features, such as green and environmental protection, less affected by natural environment, etc.
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China-EU railway transport


Customized solution, low cost

With years of experience in railway transport, we are one of the logistics companies first engaged in railway LCL, and we can provide various flexible customized solutions from door to door, door to station and station to station. China-EU freight train transports a variety of products, including electric products and built-in electric products. Besides, due to the scheduled departure, the timeliness and stability can be ensured. It is at least half cheaper than that of air transport, and it can save two-thirds of time than that of marine transport, which is highly cost-effective.


Convenient purchase at home and abroad

Through China-EU freight train, foreign customers can purchase Chinese products on cross-border e-commerce platforms of all International Inland Ports, while Chinese cross-border ecommerce sellers can also deliver the goods to Europe, Russia, Belorussia, Middle Asia, etc. Similarly, ecommerce platform purchases European goods on China-EU freight train, which can be quickly transported to the bonded warehouse of multimodal transport customs supervision center at each international land port, and delivered from the bonded warehouse at any time when necessary.