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    Safe, fast and high-quality

    With a professional team, excellent services and free door-to-door pickup service, we are dedicated to logistics services, adhering to principles, and providing sincere services fast and efficiently, Looking forward to your call.
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    Reasons for choosing us

    Convenient one-stop service

    To provide you with professional air transport, domestic/international air consignment services. From receipt to arrival, door-to-door one-stop service

About Asia Best Partner

Founded in 2011, Asia Best Partner has established direct management teams in China, the United States, Germany and other regions. As of 2021, it has ten branches at home and broad, with its own overseas warehouse area of nearly 30000 square meters. Directly integrated with about 50 suppliers, including overseas customs clearance agents, truck companies and local agents. Specialized in providing customized logistics service solutions to help customers open and expand the European and American markets.

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    Service scope

    International air transport

    International air transport is generally transported to foreign countries by air package by charter and then delivers shipment in the country of destination by virtue of cooperative companies. It can gather a great batch of goods to a specific country or region, and reduce the cost through the scale effect. Asia Best Partner has seized a huge market share for its fast, safe, punctual and efficient international air transport service, which greatly shortens the time of delivery.
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    Service scope

    International marine transport

    In traditional foreign trade, the bulk of B2B trade and bulk raw materials transportation are basically carried out in ocean shipping.With the development of cross-border e-commerce, B2C and C2C are gradually added to traditional shipping, mainly involving consumer goods, reflecting the characteristics of small batch and scattered. ABP Logistics has close cooperation with shipping companies, with fixed shipping schedules, fast, medium and slow channels. We focus on VAT customs clearance, door-to-door service in Europe and America, and you can choose truck pallet or express delivery at the end。
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Customer comments

We have been cooperating with Asia Best Partner for five years, and it is the most cost-effective logistics service provider that we have ever met. It is professional. We are mostly impressed by its responsibility during the cooperation, and we are relieved to leave the goods to it. There have never been problems in goods delivery, and it can always deliver the goods on time regardless of the weather. We really trust it.
Adam Sendler
The cooperation with Asia Best Partner is very pleasant and reassuring. It is enthusiastic, professional and attentive. It can always be punctual, safe and efficient, which is not so easy in practice. I had cooperated with other logistics companies before, but through comparison, I think Asia Best Partner is more professional.
Les Bryk
We have cooperated with Asia Best Partner for eight years, and there have never been problems. It can always delivered in time, They are a powerful transportation company. No matter how much our transportation capacity is required, they can deliver them in time, saving us a lot of costs. I hope we can continue to cooperate!

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Best Partner has launched services in major cities across the country. If you are inclined to cooperate with us, please leave your message, and we will call you as soon as we can.