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    US&EU FBA line

    FBA is for Fulfillment by Amazon, namely Amazon logistics, which is one-stop logistics service provided by Amazon, which covers warehousing, picking and packing, delivery, collection, customer service and return processing, and is highly praised by cross-border e-commerce customers. Our US&EU FBA line relies on the strong resource background and integrates excellent third-party delivery resources, to provide clients with the transport service from China to US and EU, namely, it transports the goods of sellers from China to the designated Amazon warehouse in US and Europe through truck-air-truck (TAT), while Amazon logistics and local professional service providers will provide professional door-to-door delivery services.
Our strengths
Business advantages

US&EU FBA line


Taking delivery from across the country, fast response

Relying on our international lines and integrated excellent third-party resources, we provide FBA first-leg transportation service, and guarantee the effectiveness of “US&EU FBA line” international express.


Professional customs clearance delivery, safe and low-risk

We have a unique customs clearance mode, boasting an efficient customs clearance process. Our professional customs clearance service team and sound final delivery service team can strongly support the safe and reliable, convenient and smooth, and reassuring one stop professional customs clearance service, and realize the seamless connection of customs clearance and delivery.


Senior team service, experienced and efficient

We have offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Relying on the nationwide transport network, we can respond to customer requirements at any time. Our professional international service marketing expert can correctly analyze the pain points of customer demands, and match excellent international express channels. Our senior operation team takes charge of the export, controls the whole process and guarantees the services. Our responsible customer service team deals with consultation effectively. With abundant operation experience, our senior team can provide clients in demand with professional, reliable, cost-effective, safe and efficient high-quality services.