About Asia Best Partner

Asia Best Partner Logistics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., referred to as: Asia Best Partner Logistics is a comprehensive logistics company. In 2008, Hong Kong Asia Best Partner Logistics established an office in Shenzhen to carry out business. In 2011, it established the first wholly-owned subsidiary in Shenzhen, China. In the same year, the company moved its headquarters from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. As of 2020, Asia Best Partner Logistics has 10 domestic branches and nearly 150 professional logistics consultants under it. It has a stable cooperation network in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The company is built into an integrated, international and comprehensive logistics enterprise with air, sea, and iron, serving customers at home and abroad.


Country of business

10 years

SINCE 2011


number of customers

Why we are chosen?

A dozen years of experience in international logistics
More than 20 high-quality cross-border logistics solutions
Economical, safe and convenient freight
One-stop global warehousing solution
Personalized solution provision

Enterprise related

Core values


1. Continue to learn, be willing to practice, summarize and improve, and become an irreplaceable person
2. Think from the perspective of customers and provide customers with comprehensive and effective solutions
3. Be good at thinking for innovation, solve problems with new methods, and achieve goals.


1. Have the courage to take responsibility, and efficiently complete the entrusted by customers;
2. In teamwork, don't shy away, dare to take responsibility, and be responsible for the results;
3. Agree with Jiayou's corporate culture and possess the spirit of being a master.


1. Today's affairs, today's end;
2. Be result-oriented, have an overall view, and give priority to important things;
3. Make a work plan for the next week every weekend.


1. Love your work, be serious and responsible, and be confident and calm;
2. In the face of difficulties, the more frustrated the more courageous, and never give up;
3. Have the ability to think independently, dare to express your own opinions, and actively accept criticism and suggestions from others.


1. Be good at applying cooperative thinking and methods to achieve goals;
2. While helping customers grow, achieve self-achievement;
3. With gratitude, unity and cooperation, work together to realize dreams.

Jiayou Logistics was established​

  • 2011

Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shenzhen

Establish Shenzhen Airport Warehouse

  • 2013

Establish a warehouse in Shenzhen Airport to comprehensively improve the ability to provide customers with value-added services such as transit and warehousing

Jiayou Logistics Guangzhou Branch

  • 2017

Opened Jiayou Logistics Guangzhou branch, invested in the U.S. branch and customs clearance agency, and opened U.S. warehouses

Founded Arctic Yanou

  • 2018

Successively established Arctic Yanou E-commerce Technology and Lihua Supply Chain Holding Company to serve e-commerce customers

Shanghai branch

  • 2019

Opened Shanghai branch, Shunde branch and Wenzhou branch

Localized operation

  • 2020

U.S. branch and German branch realize localization


  • To be continued

Layout at home and abroad to provide more value-added services for Jiayou's loyal fans