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Bringing thousands of good friends to cultivate in China's 8 regions, serving domestic and foreign good friends, serving as a bridge between consignees and consignors, and creating the best logistics value for 100,000 good friends customers. ​

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Focus on building a logistics enterprise integrating transportation, warehousing, distribution, loading and unloading and comprehensive logistics services, and provide customers with a complete set of solutions based on logistics parks and transportation networks! Adhering to efficient, convenient, complete and green logistics services, it has become a global integrated logistics enterprise in the logistics field.

More than 20 cross-border solutions to provide options

Jiayou FBA customs clearance team has stable, professional and efficient customs clearance expertise. The customs clearance teachers are all graduated from well-known universities in the United States and have professional expertise.A rigorous work style and rich experience in customs clearance can ensure that we provide customers with the most professional, high-quality, and comprehensive
Customs clearance service

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Jiayou Logistics has fixed positions for the first-haul main routes of European and American air freight, such as CX, CK, KE, PO, GG, CA, and L. At the same time, it is also an important partner of ZM, Mason Clippers, EMC and other shipping companies. With the advantage of this main line, Jiayou Logistics can ensure that the goods arrive at the nearest customs clearance airport or port as soon as possible

One-stop global warehousing solution

Can do warehousing, quality inspection, exhibition hall, return and exchange,
Label replacement, one-piece delivery service. Independently have DPD\UPS\DHL accounts and cooperate with local truck companies to easily solve the last mile problem to ensure timeliness and cargo safety

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